alright, so, to celebrate 900+ followers, i’ll be doing a halloween themed giveaway.
                                       it begins today on 10/18 and will end on 10/22. 

- mbf, svp.
- ends on 10/22 at 7pm  cst.  winners  chosen  through
- please do not follow just for this event. i cannot  stop
you, but it’s not a very nice thing to  do,  so  i   suggest
you avoid it.
- reblogs  & 1  like  counts.  reblog  as  many  times  as
you wish, but do not flood your dash.
- i’ve other things  to  get  to  first,  so  be  patient  with
graphics. things that need to be shipped  will  be  done
so asap.
- the dvd  means you need to be  cool  with  giving  me
your address ;   also  understand  my  budget  includes
shipping.  if  you’re   international so,  for  me,  out of
the u.s., ) i’m  willing  to   go a few bucks  over  budget
to accomodate.
- the candy also means you need to be cool with giving
me your address. if  you’re heavily allergic to something
in a mixed bag of  candy, then we will  work  something
out UP TO SIX DOLLARS.  most  likely :  dried  apples.
- just be cool,   don’t  be  lame,  understand  this  is  for
people who  have  stuck  by me and who i want to  give
back to, ok ?
- don’t  be   rude.   being   rude  means   i  revoke  your
prizes, mate.

1 winner will receive
50 icons of an fc of their choice
1lb bag of halloween candy
1 horror/halloween dvd up to 20 dollars ( INCLUDES SHIPPING )

2 winners will receive
25 icons of an fc of their choice
1lb bag of halloween candy

3 winners will receive
10 icons of an fc of their choice

icon examples


out. this is my favorite icon for obvious reasons. 


Boy: *hands me diamond ring* will you marry me
Me: *puts diamond ring on* na

out. i will sue you from the grave if i have a heart attack because of your autoplay 

Muse A is upbeat, quirky, and quite the character. They are also extremely compassionate, and so when Muse B shows up on their doorstep in the middle of a thunderstorm, bloodied and with their clothes torn, Muse A doesn’t hesitate to take them in. However, after some discussion, it is discovered that Muse B is actually on the run, and the people trying to kill Muse B traced them there, causing Muse A to now be in danger.

forsakenvows: stop sippin' ur haterade adelyn. don't hate, appRECIATE. ouo

             ❛  Show me something to appreciate
                  & I will surely oblige. ❜

forsakenvows: "You got a badditude. That’s a bad attitude."

meme ; 
         status: ACCEPTING.

            ❛  The secondhand embarrassment I
                 just received from your statement is
                 nearly crippling. 

moranument: "It looks like you live on the set of Murder, She Wrote."

meme ; 
         status: ACCEPTING.

            ❛  For your sake, I’ll accept that
                    as a compliment. 

forsakenvows: "Let me check. Oh, it just says no one likes you."

meme ; 
         status: ACCEPTING.

            ❛  I like me and I’m the only one
                    with a relevant opinion. I’m a
                    fucking gift, asshole

impxster: "Actually, someone reported that they couldn’t find your head. But we found it; it was up your butt."


Brookyln Nine-Nine starter sentences.


       Good — —

                  Further up my ass it is,
                the less i have to listen to 
                     your ( BULLSHIT ).